Three Signs It’s Time to Schedule a Cleaning with a Dentist in Naperville

Your mouth takes a beating with every beverage and meal that you takedown. And while brushing and flossing will do away with much of the damage, after so many blows, your teeth will be begging you for a more thorough cleaning. Here are three signs that you are already in this predicament.

Your Teeth are Unsightly

If your once-pearly whites are now unrecognizable, you should be scheduling your next teeth cleaning in Naperville. Your teeth are bound to become discolored over time, and as your mouth is constantly subjected to rapidly multiplying bacteria, you might be collecting tartar between your teeth and gums. Unlike plaque, tartar is rock-solid, making it nearly impossible to be removed by anyone but a dental professional.

You Have Chronic Bad Breath

If your mouthwash wears off within a matter of minutes, it’s time to arrange for teeth cleaning in Naperville. In many cases, bad breath is caused by an influx of bacteria, and some instances indicate an ongoing dental infection. Whichever the scenario, an in-depth cleaning will put you in better shape.

Your Gums Aren’t What They Used to Be

If your gums are super sensitive or constantly red and inflamed, make an appointment with your dentist immediately. These problems usually arise due to poor dental hygiene or as a result of a foreign object lodged in the mouth. When the gums are negatively affected, you will have a greater chance of experiencing tooth loss.

Even the most avid brushers can stand to benefit from routine dental cleanings; visit Naperville Commons Dental to schedule your appointment today.