The Costs Of Dental Implants: What To Expect In Summit, NJ

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Dentist

The cost of getting implants ranks as one of the most significant concerns for most individuals looking to undergo tooth replacement procedures. Dental implants in Summit, NJ, have a reputation for their ability to break banks despite being one of the best teeth replacement options there is in the market. Before heading into the dental clinic, it’s essential to know what costs to expect.

Single-tooth implant cost

The estimated cost of single tooth implants in Summit, NJ, range anywhere between $3500 to $6000. The costs of the dental implant procedures include surgical placement for the post, abutment and crown, and any prescription medications required after that.

Multiple teeth implant costs

If you have two or more missing teeth, you will need multiple implants to do the job. Usually, you will multiply the cost of a single tooth implant procedure with the number of teeth you want replaced to arrive at the total cost of the procedure. For instance, if you need two implants, with each being priced at $3000, you will pay $6000.

Full mouth dental implants cost

This is recommended for people who have an entire jaw with missing teeth. There are two options in this category. Removable implant-retained dentures have an average price of $10500, while fixed implant-supported dentures go for about $21500.

As seen above, the complexity of the procedure increases the expected costs. Also, the more teeth you need to be replaced, the more the expected costs. Reach us through our contact information provided here, and talk to us. We are ready to listen to your needs and advise you accordingly.

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