Take Advantage of Topnotch Dental Services Like Gorgeous Veneers & More

by | Dec 12, 2020 | Dental

If someone doesn’t like their own current set of teeth, they likely are a bit embarrassed when out in public. This embarrassment can make people avoid social situations that would require eating together with others. Now, dentists have better services and menu choices to offer. Take advantage of top-notch dental services like stunning porcelain veneers by a Burr Ridge based dental practice.

What Are Veneers & What Are They Made Out of?

Veneers are usually crafted from porcelain or other bonding material. These veneers are typically applied to the front surfaces of the visible teeth at the front of the mouth. Newer veneer models require far less prep time and little real tooth damage. These veneers are also made much thinner than previous versions, and the wear time of these newer models lasts a lot longer too when cared for properly.

What Dental Issues Can Veneers Hide or Fix?

Veneers can hide chipped, missing, or broken teeth. They can also hide unwanted discoloration and other mars. These are ideal for badly stained teeth due to antibiotic use during times of growth for the adult teeth in childhood. Worn areas, sharp edges, gaps between teeth, and other dental issues may all be remedied with the application of cosmetic dental veneers by a Burr Ridge cosmetic dentist.

Get a Brand New Smile Makeover

More individuals are getting transformational smile makeovers. Learn more about dental veneers from a Burr Ridge dental specialist. Contact Dentistry By Design & Aesthetics by Design

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