Stop Cavities From Occurring With Dental Care Services in Melbourne

Gum disease and cavities are the biggest threats to a person’s smile. When cavities are present, they can quickly cause major damage to a person’s teeth. With the Dental Care Services in Melbourne, a person can stay free of cavities so their smile health can be fully protected. With this information, people can learn what to expect when they see their dentist for a cavity.

When a person goes in for cavity treatment, they are first evaluated to determine how severe the decay has become. This evaluation takes place through an oral examination and X-rays. The dentist will use special tools to determine how much damage has been done to the tooth. X-rays will be taken to see how deep the decay has progressed. If the decay is only above the gumline, the tooth can likely be saved. If the damage runs below, the tooth will need to be extracted.

Dental Care Services in Melbourne can take care of all types of cavities to help save the teeth. The treatment for cavities is typically the same for all teeth and involves the removal of the decayed tooth tissue. Removing this tissue is crucial or the tooth will continue to be damaged by the decay, even if it is filled. Once the dentist has removed the damaged tooth tissue, this leaves behind an opening that must be filled.

There are different types of fillings that can be used, depending on the person’s tooth. The most common type of filling used is composite. This type is used because it is less expensive than other types and blends in well with a person’s tooth so the filling is not so obvious.

When a tooth has been filled, this can help to prevent necrosis and further damage so the tooth is not lost. The sooner a tooth is treated, the less likely extensive damage will occur. If you have a cavity, Exceptional Dentistry is crucial for treatment. This site offers plenty of information on the many dental services they provide their patients. Call them right away to schedule your appointment.