Signs Your Child Needs to Be Seen at the Dental Clinic in Hillside, NJ

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Dental

Parents know taking their child to the dentist on a regular basis is crucial for the child’s oral health. While most oral health issues are resolved during preventative care appointments, dental issues can arise unexpectedly. It is important that parents are able to recognize the warning signs of oral health concerns in their children so they will know when they need to be seen at the Dental Clinic in Hillside NJ. Prompt dental care can help to protect a child’s teeth and gums from damage, so their smile stays healthy and beautiful as they grow up.

These signs should prompt a parent to have their child’s smile examined.

• Dark or white spots on the teeth

• Tooth pain that lasts over twenty-four hours

• Difficulty chewing food

• Tooth, gum, or tongue injuries

• Unexplained mouth bleeding

• Tooth sensitivity

• Pus drainage from the teeth or gums

• Swelling, redness, or irritation of the gum tissue

If any of these signs are present in a child, they need to be examined at the Dental Clinic in Hillside NJ. The dentist will conduct a full examination that may include diagnostic imaging to find the source of the problems with their oral health. A full examination and X-rays can allow the dentist to find problems even before the child or parent is aware of symptoms.

Should the dentist find concerns, they can be properly treated before any major damage occurs to the teeth or gums. It is crucial parents do not hesitate to bring their child in when they are concerned about their oral health since waiting on care can often make the problem worse, requiring more extensive care. In some cases, waiting for treatment can end up causing permanent damage that not only affects the baby teeth but also the adult teeth as well.

If your child has any signs of oral health concerns, now is the time to seek dental treatment. For more information on the pediatric dental services that are available for children, Visit the website of ChildSmiles.FamilySmiles. They provide the extensive pediatric dental care children need as their smiles are developing. Call them right away to schedule your child’s appointment.

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