Signs it’s Time for a Child to See an Orthodontist in Claremont CA

The majority of children need to have an appointment scheduled with an orthodontist by the time they reach the age of seven. However, there are some other situations when the services of this oral health professional may be needed. Keep reading to learn when these services are necessary.

The Child Loses Baby Teeth Earlier Than Normal

Most children begin to lose their baby teeth by age five. If a person has a child that began to lose their teeth sooner than this, it is a good idea to have their mouth and jaw evaluated by an Orthodontist in Claremont CA.

An orthodontist can ensure there are no problems or issues that need to be addressed. This can give the child’s parent’s peace of mind.

Problems Biting into or Chewing Food

While it may be challenging for a child to bit into some types of foods with smaller teeth, such as apples, this should not be a common occurrence. If a child finds it difficult or even painful to bite or chew food, then they need to see an orthodontist.

In some cases, there could be an underlying problem with the child’s jaw. It’s best to have this issue evaluated now, rather than giving it a chance to get worse.

The Child Sucks their Fingers or Thumb

This type of behavior, even for a short period of time can result in serious issues for the teeth. If a parent has a child that sucks their thumb or finger, then it is best to see an orthodontist to determine if any steps need to be taken to prevent oral health issues down the road.

While going to the orthodontist for the first time can be intimidating for both parents and children, it’s a great way to know if there are any issues with the child’s oral health, mouth, teeth, or jaw. If there is, an orthodontist will also be able to make treatment recommendations to help ensure the problem does not get worse. More information about services from an orthodontist can be found by contacting the staff at Albert G Leung DDS Inc. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.