Signs it is Time to Go to the Orthodontist in O’Fallon MO

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Dental

It isn’t always easy to figure out when it is time to see an Orthodontist in O’Fallon MO. However, there are some warning signs to watch for. Some of the indications of a problem that indicates an orthodontist’s care is needed can be found here.

Changes in a Child’s Bite or Teeth

If a parent begins to notice issues such as crooked teeth, crowding teeth, misalignment, or other problems, then it is probably time to take them to an orthodontist in O’Fallon MO. They can determine if treatment is needed now, or if it can wait. Parents should make sure to take notes so they can explain what they have noticed over time, as this will help make things clear.

The Child is Seven Years Old

It’s a good idea to take any child to the orthodontist by the time they turn seven years old. However, remember that each child is different, so if all their permanent teeth have not erupted, or even started to erupt, then a parent may need to wait a bit longer for this initial appointment. There are some orthodontists that say between the ages of 10 and 14 are ideal for braces, so it is a good idea to schedule a visit within this time period.

Questions About the Child’s Bite or Alignment

If a parent has any questions about their child’s bite or the alignment of their teeth, then an orthodontist is the best professional to answer them. In many cases, a pediatric dentist will not be able to answer these types of specific questions, which is when an orthodontist’s services can be invaluable. They will also be able to provide an evaluation to determine what, if any, type of treatment is necessary to help correct a child’s bite.

When it is time for orthodontic care, finding the right orthodontist is important. Be sure to get recommendations and do some research on the local doctors to find the one that is right for the child and situation. More information about this care and setting up an appointment can be done by taking the time to visit New Age Dental Care.

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