What Services Are Provided By Dentists In Oyster Bay, NY?

In New York, local dentists provide services that give patients better control over their oral care. The services present patients with options to determine if any risks are present. The dentists also provide these patients with recommendations for managing oral care at home. The following are the services provided by Dentists in Oyster Bay NY.

Screenings and Examinations

The dentists perform screenings for oral cancer and acquire samples when a mass is discovered. These services enable them to detect these masses at an earlier stage which could assist with more successful treatments. Select dentists provide surgery for these discoveries or provide a referral to the appropriate medical professional.

The dentist also performs annual checkups to determine the current stage of development of the teeth and to identify adverse conditions. Further examinations are provided for patients who are at a higher risk of tooth or gum damage. These checkups are covered completely by most major dental plans.

Semi-Annual Cleanings For Adults and Children

Semi-annual cleanings are performed for adults and children. The dental hygienist performs these services thoroughly. They eliminate harmful substances that could lead to serious damage, tooth loss, or gum disease.

Standard Repairs and Surgeries

Patients acquire standard dental repairs and surgeries through their local dental professionals. These services include fillings, crown placements, and wisdom teeth extractions. The dentist may also provide reconstructive services for patients who have sustained injuries to the face, neck, or mouth depending on their specialty. Root canals are also provided through these dental professionals.

Correcting Bite and Alignment Issues

Correcting the bite and alignment issues can also provide major benefits for patients. These conditions could lead to further damage of the mouth or teeth. They can also hinder speech and the ability to avoid common choking hazards.

In New York, local dentists provide their patients with a multitude of services to protect their teeth and gums. They address adverse conditions that could affect their patients in more damaging ways. They also provide their patients with general services that detect diseases and additional damage. Patients who need the services of Dentists in Oyster Bay NY contact Locust Valley Dental Group or click here for more information today.