Seeing a Family Dentist in Grand Prairie TX Means Protecting Yourself

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Dentist

There are many studies that highlight the relationship between periodontal disease and cardiovascular risk. The results usually involve people who had chronic coronary artery disease and one additional risk factor. Understanding the importance of seeing a Family dentist in Grand Prairie TX could have prevented most of the issues you are about to read.

Common indicators

The results of these studies showed that patients had common indicators of periodontal disease: dental reduction or bleeding gums. These indicators were related to other cardiovascular or socioeconomic risk factors. On the contrary, a low prevalence of tooth loss is linked to low rates of cardiovascular risk factors, including waist circumference and low glucose, LDL cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.

Diabetes and smoking

Diabetes and smoking had a low prevalence among patients who had more teeth. On the other hand, the level of education, the consumption of alcohol and the person’s stress level played a significant role. In addition, bleeding gums has been linked to high levels of LDL cholesterol and hypertension.

Without a doubt, if people take care of their teeth and gums, they may prevent a loss of teeth, inflammation of the gums and oral infections. Oral hygiene and going to a Family dentist in Grand Prairie TX regularly are fundamental types of prevention.

Ulcers and cancer

In people with periodontitis, dental plaque sitting under the gums may attract certain types of bacteria responsible for gastric ulcers (mainly Helicobacter Pylori). Epidemiological studies have found that periodontitis and the presence of this bacteria increase the risk of developing stomach cancer. Gum disease and dental problems are also linked to the human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes nearly 80% of oral cancers. Other research has found that periodontitis can promote the growth of cancer cells in the mouth.

Kidney diseases

Different studies have investigated the relationship between chronic kidney disease and periodontal disease. In people who suffer from periodontal disease, it is more likely to also suffer from chronic kidney disease. Moreover, experts have seen that this probability increases with age.

Some researchers have stated that poor dental hygiene is sometimes a more certain symptom of having chronic kidney disease than high cholesterol levels. To learn more, contact website today.

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