See an Oral Surgeon in Summit, NJ, For Help With Implants, Wisdom Teeth Removal and More

Keeping teeth healthy is one of the most important tasks that adults are faced with when it comes to proper hygiene. Seeing a dentist regularly will help patients avoid major tooth trouble, as it will reduce the likelihood of infection, decay or disease within the mouth. When dental health problems do occur, a normal general dentist can usually help, but some issues are more severe and require more intense treatment. While most will not require their services on a regular basis, oral surgeons are available to help with a variety of dental issues.


One of the main reasons that a patient might visit an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ is to obtain dental implants in their mouth. When natural teeth are lost due to injury, disease or other issues, replacing them becomes a high priority. In the past, dentures were the most popular choice for missing tooth replacement; however, dental implants are the new best option for this task. Those to opt to receive implants to replace their missing teeth enjoy an attractive appearance, better fit and more comfortable solution than those with dentures.

Sleep Aids

Oral surgeons are not only available for dental emergencies. Millions of people have trouble staying asleep at night, suffer from sleep apnea, or snore so loudly that they disturb themselves or loved ones during the night. Oral surgeons can help assess patients and determine the best treatment option, whether it be surgery or the use of a sleep device, apnea machine or more.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Perhaps the most common reason for patients to visit an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ is to have wisdom teeth extracted from their mouths. Wisdom teeth are typically removed before they erupt from the gums, so as to avoid issues like infection, pain, and overcrowding within the mouth. Since they must be cut out, only an oral surgeon can perform the procedure safely and ensure that patients heal properly afterward.

Oral surgeons are the best choice when it comes to major dental issues or ongoing sleep problems. General dentists are not able to perform surgical procedures for their patients, so a trip to an oral surgeon is needed for issues like wisdom teeth removal, implants and more. A clinic like Westfield Oral Surgery is able to provide a variety of oral surgeon options to help fit any need.