Reviewing Teeth Whitening In Waterford, CT

In Connecticut, cosmetic dental professionals provide a variety of services. These services are used to boost the aesthetic appeal of the patient’s teeth. These opportunities are brilliant for restoring the patient’s self esteem and confidence. Teeth Whitening in Waterford CT is included in the cosmetic treatments.

Who Can Acquire Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening services are provided for patients with healthy teeth. The service involves the use of professional-grade peroxide that is stronger than at-home products. Patients with existing tooth damage, gum disease, or sensitivities to peroxide shouldn’t receive these treatments.

How is the Procedure Performed?

The dentist begins by placing a barrier around the gums. This prevents any contact to the peroxide solution and eliminates gum bleeding and irritation. Next, the dentist applies the peroxide solution onto each tooth individually. They ensure that teeth are coated completely. The dentist applies an ultraviolet light to cure the peroxide onto the teeth. This enhances the results of the treatment.

What are the Benefits of the Procedure?

The benefits of the procedure begin with a beautiful, white smile. The treatments allow for the removal of stubborn stains that hinder the appearance. These stains include those produced by smoking, red wine, and coffee. Patients with severe stains may need more than one treatment to see results. However, the dentist can remove their stains completely after a few treatments.

How to Maintain the Results

Dental professionals schedule teeth whitening treatments based on the patient’s needs. They may provide at-home whitening treatments for these patients. This helps the patient maintain the results of their treatments between visits. They also reduce the potential for damage or weakening of the teeth due to overexposure to these products. The dentist provides recommendations for the patient to maintain these results for longer periods.

In Connecticut, cosmetic dental professionals provide an immeasurable amount of services. These services provide aesthetic enhancements for the teeth. They eliminate unwanted stains and produce whiter smiles for the patients. Teeth whitening services is among the most popular cosmetic dental treatment. Patients who wish to undergo Teeth Whitening in Waterford CT should contact Matyas & Matyas today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.