Replace Missing Teeth With a Dental Bridge in Beaumont TX

When a person is faced with losing some of their natural teeth, they often worry about their appearance. It is especially difficult for a person to deal with missing teeth in the front of their smile. When missing teeth are a problem, the dentist has the solution. With a Dental Bridge in Beaumont TX, missing teeth can be replaced with prosthetic teeth that look natural and last for many years.

To have a prosthetic bridge made, the dentist will need to make impressions of the teeth once they have been prepared. The teeth on either side of the missing tooth area will need to be shaped and made smaller so they can fit inside the crowns. The crowns cover the teeth on either side of the missing tooth area and then an abutment joins the two together. Once in place, the dental bridge covers the area where the tooth was missing for a completed smile.

The dentist will shape the teeth and make them in a peg shape, so they are smaller and rounder. Once they are prepared, the dentist will make impressions of the teeth so the dental bridge can be created by the dental lab. If the dentist has an on-site lab, the bridge can generally be created the same day. When the dental bridge has been created, the two crowns will be adhered in place so the abutment tooth can rest against the gum tissue.

Bridge can last up to fifteen years, depending on how well it is cared for. It is important people follow their dentist’s instructions so they can avoid damaging their bridge. The dentist will have a patient come in once a year to have the bridge examined to ensure no damage has occurred, and the bridge is not loosening.

Those who are dealing with missing teeth and are interested in a Dental Bridge in Beaumont TX should visit website Domain. People can read the full info here so they can get a good idea of what they can expect from the procedure. With a dental bridge in place, a person’s smile can be made fully complete so they can gain confidence.