Questions to Ask the Dentist in Redding

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Dental

Seeing a dentist at least a couple times each year is a great way to maintain a reasonable level of dental health. While at the appointment, it makes sense to ask the Dentist in Redding and questions that come to mind about hygiene and other matters.

Here are some examples of questions that patients frequently ask.

Does It Matter Which Toothpaste is Used?

The typical Dentist in Redding is not likely to recommend a specific brand of toothpaste for most patients. What the dentist will do is point out that in order to provide the most benefits, the product should contain certain ingredients. The patient can check the current favorite brand and see if those ingredients are included.

How About the Toothbrush?

One look in any store that carries dental hygiene products will confirm that not all toothbrushes are the same. The angle of the brush head and the firmness of the bristles will vary. The dentist can recommend a design and firmness that is right, based on the specific dental needs of the patient.

Does Flossing Really Help?

People who would never consider skipping brushing their teeth after meals may feel that flossing is not all that important. As the dentist will explain, flossing does matter. The dental professional can point out how flossing can dislodge residue from between the teeth that is left behind after brushing. If the patient needs some instruction in how to use floss correctly, the dentist can help with that too.

Will Teeth Whitening Really Help?

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure these days that does help remove stains and leave the teeth with a whiter appearance. The amount of help that whitening treatments will provide depends on the current condition of the teeth. The dentist can provide an answer based on the condition of the enamel and the amount of staining that has occurred.

For anyone who has not seen a dentist is some time, today is the day to call Moore & Pascarella Dental Group and make an appointment. Remember to take along a list of any questions that come to mind. Rest assured the dentist and the rest of the team will be happy to provide some answers.

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