What Should Patients Know About Implant Dentistry in Nassau County NY?

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Dentist

When teeth are missing, issues can be caused that extend beyond cosmetic. Those who are missing some of their teeth will find it more difficult to chew certain foods and speak distinctly. Thankfully, there is implant dentistry in Nassau County, NY. This branch of dentistry seeks to help patients overcome their missing teeth issues by offering a permanent replacement. This information will help individuals to better understand what they can expect from implants so they will be prepared.

Why Do Patients Choose Implants?

Today, more and more patients are choosing dental implants because they offer a permanent alternative for replacing missing teeth. Implants are put in place with a surgical procedure. There are a few different steps involved, but the process results in a person’s smile being made complete.

Implants become a permanent part of a person’s jawbone, so they never have to removed. Once in place and assembled, all three pieces are formed into one working unit. The implant looks and performs just as a human tooth would so patients feel confident with the appearance and function of their smile after implants are put in place.

What Can Patients Expect?

It is important individuals are prepared for what to expect from the process of seeking implants from implant dentistry in Nassau County, NY. The first and most important step is the implantation of the implant base which is made from titanium. This metal is chosen because it is the only metal in the world that can properly bond with human bone tissue.

The process of bonding takes several weeks and even months before it is complete. Bonding is crucial because the body grows new bone cells around the titanium implant base, so it becomes permanently secured in place.

On top of the base is placed the abutment and it joins the base to the prosthetic tooth, so all parts are properly joined. Once all of the procedure steps have been carried out, the only visible part of the implant is the prosthetic tooth because the other parts are hidden.

Those who are interested in overcoming their missing teeth issues with implants are encouraged to contact Business Name. Call today for an appointment.

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