How Often Should You Have Your Teeth Cleaned?

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Dentistry

When it comes to having your teeth cleaned it is important to understand how often they should be cleaned. That’s why it’s extremely important that you visit a dentist in Lakeview. Most people get their teeth cleaned two times a year. This is actually enough for them. However, there are people who need their teeth cleaned more often because they are genetically disposed to plaque buildup that increases faster, or they have gum disease which requires cleanings more frequently. Dental cleanings ensure the healthy development of your teeth as well as great overall oral health. While it is still advised that you brush and floss your teeth at home to remove plaque, professional teeth cleaning is actually needed in order to remove tarter or calcium from your teeth. Hardened plaque that is not removed leads to decay, gum disease and infections.

Thorough Examinations Are Important

There examinations are actually an important part of an oral exam. Oral exams are generally completed by dental hygienists while you having your teeth cleaned. The reason why having your teeth professionally cleaned by an oral hygienist is so important, is because they actually clean your teeth below the gum line. They focus on areas you may not be able to give enough attention to at home. You can have surface stains removed while also understanding that any plaque that was once on your teeth is also removed. It is a great preventative measure they can also help to reduce any reoccurrence of plaque.

Regular Dental Visits Ensure a Healthy Mouth

Whether you need your teeth cleaned, or you just need an exam making an appointment with your dentist ensures that your teeth remain healthy. It’s a good idea to schedule frequent cleanings for the continuing oral health of your teeth. You’ll be able to smile brighter and with more confidence knowing your oral health is on the right track. To know more information visit

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