New Technology Used by Dentists in Annapolis

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Dentistry

Modern machinery and advanced tools are helping to alleviate anxiety and reduce pain, which is why many Dentists in Annapolis added them. A perfect example is how x-rays are taken. Getting x-rays taken used to consist of hard square pieces that patients had to bite on. The dentist would position the machine, leave the room, push a button, and then return to place another hard piece next to another tooth.

That process was long, painful, and expensive. Digital x-rays were next, followed by panoramic views of the teeth and gum line. The latest technology is an intra-oral camera that takes real-time pictures of the entire mouth. The patient can view the teeth that have to be fixed as the dentist explains what is the best course of action.

Computer-Controlled Numbing

Traditional injections to numb an area were manually delivered. The results included pain and numbing half the face instead of just a small area. The Wand delivers the numbing agent slowly and precisely. Pain is reduced, only the area worked on is numbed, and there is very little swelling. The tool resembles a pen so most people do not get nervous.

A Dental Laser

Dentists in Annapolis are also using a dental laser called Waterlase. This is used in many procedures and basically replaces a drill. Procedures, such as decay removal, root canals, and surgery on the bone take much less time, which saves patients money as well. The technology combines laser energy with water and requires less numbing than traditional methods.

Teeth Whitening

This cosmetic process can be completed with a blue light to seal in the final whitening coat. Veneers are thin layers of ceramic, porcelain, or resin that are bonded directly onto the surface of the teeth. These will present a uniform appearance as well as brighten the smile.

Securing Dentures

Mini implants are now available to secure dentures in place without expensive and messy adhesives. This procedure uses no sutures so dentures can be placed in the mouth right after the implants are done. Other issues eliminated include slipping dentures that interfere with eating and speaking, food particles getting wedged under the plate, and the need to remove the dentures.

Dentures can be removed easily, but can also remain in the mouth and be brushed. The procedure is also effective for bridges. Those interested in a comfortable atmosphere, less appointments, and money savings can contact Annapolis Dental Associates.

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