Modern Technology Flourishes at a Family Dentistry Center in West Fargo, ND

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Dental

A Family Dentistry Center in West Fargo ND provides a broad range of care for patients. Routine preventive measures like regular checkups and professional cleaning and the option of dental sealants help patients avoid developing tooth decay. Cosmetic dentistry is available too, ranging from enamel whitening to the placement of veneers to dentures and dental implants that replace missing teeth.

Advances in Technology

Many options offered to patients now at a Family Dentistry Center in West Fargo ND were not available for their grandparents. Advances in technology have made it easier for people to have a smile that’s nearly perfect. Senior citizens remember that tooth decay in youngsters was more frequent back then, although this is still a significant problem for children today. Now, however, dental sealants stop decay from developing in the grooves on the molars, while fluoride treatments are offered for kids with particular trouble preventing cavities.

Fundamental Services

The fundamental services remain the same but are administered somewhat differently. Dentists and hygienists still use the same tools to remove tartar, a hard material that develops when sticky plaque stays on the teeth long enough. However, the classic spit bowl is no longer next to the dental chair. Instead, excess saliva is suctioned up with a small device. Younger patients may never have even heard of a spit bowl. In addition, lasers often can be used instead of drills, making removal of tooth decay more comfortable.

More Serious Issues

Practitioners at a clinic such as Smile Care Family & Cosmetic Dentistry also provide more intensive care for the more serious problems. They help patients heal gum disease, for example, and they perform root canal therapy when a tooth becomes infected. If a tooth ever must be extracted, that service is available as well.

Insurance Considerations

Patients will want to double-check their insurance to make sure the services they want are covered. Insurers typically do not cover cosmetic services even when this kind of dental care is important for their chewing function and self-confidence. Dental insurance policies are more likely to cover all or most of the cost of full dentures and bridges, but most still do not pay for implants. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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