Minimizing Pain Of Immunizations During A Trip To A Pediatric Clinic in Elizabeth NJ

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Dentistry

When a child is brought to a Pediatric Clinic in Elizabeth NJ to receive routine immunizations, there are a few steps one can take to try to minimize the pain often felt during the procedure. Many caretakers dread the day that immunizations are administered because they do not like to see their child in pain. Try some of the following steps in an attempt to make the ordeal a bit more bearable.

Try The Coughing Trick

One way to make pain a bit less overall is by having the child cough before and during the administration of shots. Alert the child about the procedure beforehand so they are aware that coughing can minimize the intensity of the pain of the shot. Younger children can try pretending to blow bubbles as this action will have a similar result in keeping pain at a minimum.

Distract The Child With Toys

Many caretakers find that bringing along a few toys to a doctor’s appointment will be helpful during the time immunizations are given. Carrying a favorite book or stuffed animal may distract the child, so they are not as fearful of the shots being given. If they are enthralled with an activity, they may not notice when immunizations are about to be given, making anxiety less as a result.

Consider Using A Topical Anesthetic

A topical anesthetic can be placed on the arms and legs of the child before the immunizations are given. It is a good idea to do this about an hour before the appointment, so the cream will have a chance to work. These creams can be found in a pharmacy. There are over-the-counter brands available for purchase. After they are applied, the nerve receptors in the body will block the feeling of pain from getting to the child’s brain when an immunization is given. If it is time to schedule immunizations, a call to a Pediatric Clinic in Elizabeth NJ will be necessary.

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