Why Kids Should See A Children’s Dentist In St. Leonards

Regular check-ups are a necessity for everyone, but kids should see dentists twice a year and their doctor at least once per year. Many schools require this and may even request that the specialist fills out forms to prove that your child saw someone. Therefore, it’s essential that you take your kids to see a children’s dentist in St. Leonards at least twice a year.

Prevent And Detect

The primary goal of a children’s dentist like Artarmon Dentists in St. Leonards is to avoid problems before they start. However, they can also detect when something could go wrong and warn you and your child. For example, a weakened tooth may lead to cavities and other problems in the future. They may offer advice on how to strengthen that tooth through proper oral care.


You may not realise it, but kids need to establish a routine early on, just like adults. You probably wake up at the same time every morning, eat breakfast, and get ready for work. You have an established routine because it makes things easier on you and everyone else. The same goes for oral care. Seeing a children’s dentist in St. Leonards from an early age gets kids in the routine of visiting and becoming comfortable with the check-up and exam. It’s best to do this early when it’s a regular cleaning than when a severe problem arises.


It’s also important to see dentists to help establish healthy dental habits. For example, they’ll learn the necessity of brushing and flossing but will also learn how to do those things properly. Positive reinforcement from a good check-up means that your kids will be encouraged to keep doing the right things, such as eating healthy, brushing their teeth, and keeping their mouth clean.