It’s Important to Visit a Dental Surgery Clinic in Maricopa AZ when Your Dentist Says

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Dental Care

Most people have some issue with their teeth at some point in their life. Hopefully, a quick trip to the dentist will resolve what the issue might be, and the person can move on with their day. However, there are a number of issues that require dental surgery. In this case, it may be necessary to visit a Dental Surgery Clinic in Maricopa AZ.

Some general dentists will cover certain types of minor surgery. For example, tooth removal might fall under the category or dental surgery, but most dentists will do this from their own office, without referring you to a surgeon. It’s just so common of a procedure that any competent dentist can do it. This doesn’t mean that your dentist is a bad one if he refers you somewhere else to remove a tooth. Some general dentists choose not to because of the time involved in these procedures.

One of the most common type of dental surgeries that require a specialist is wisdom tooth removal. A dentist will recommend the removal of any impacted wisdom tooth, regardless of whether it causes you pain. The reason for this is that an impacted tooth actually has an impact on the teeth that it touches.

A wisdom tooth can press against the tooth in front of it, causing it to slowly shift over time. In the long-run, this can have a negative impact on your bite, making it difficult to chew correctly as you age.

In addition, it’s possible for the wisdom tooth to press on a molar and cause it to rot where they touch. Not only will this require the removal of the wisdom tooth at a dental surgery clinic in Maricopa AZ, but it will also require you to have the other tooth treated by your dentist.

Many people find going to the dentist to be traumatic, and they avoid going to a dental surgeon at all costs. However, you’re only hurting yourself if you avoid addressing the issues with your teeth. If you’re experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth, or your dentist has recommended surgery for another issue, you need to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment when your dentists tell you to, so that you can prevent more expensive problems with your teeth.

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