Invisalign in St. Louis Offers Hope to Many Area Adults

While it is common for adults in the area to make peace with their smiles, not everyone is happy with the way their teeth turn out. For one reason or another, many go through the developmental years without having alignment problems and other issues corrected, and it can come to seem as if such situations must remain permanent. In fact, though, there are a variety of practical, realistic ways for even adults in the region to have their dental alignment deficiencies taken care of. Invisalign in St. Louis, for example, is an increasingly popular option that does away with a lot of the downsides of traditional braces and the like.

Visit Dr. Eric J Aubert or another dentist who provides cosmetic services, and this will become clear. Invisalign in St. Louis not only has the potential to correct even serious alignment problems, but it can also do so in ways that mesh nicely with the realities of life as an adult. While it might not make sense for a grown up to walk around for years with highly visible metallic braces, the Invisalign alternative can provide a functionally equivalent solution that is especially hard to take notice of.

The way the process works is that special, custom-molded trays are made for each patient. After taking an impression of the patient’s teeth, a dentist uses a powerful computerized tool to chart new courses for those that are not properly aligned or positioned. That same system then produces a set of further trays that reflect the intended progress of the teeth over time, with a series of minute, gentle shifts adding up to the desired results.

While this might sound complicated, it is anything but for patients. All that they need to do is to take care to wear each set of transparent trays as directed, shifting to the next pair after a predetermined time. Over time, the teeth slowly move into place, just as they do under the influence of traditional braces. In this case, though, they do so without being covered in unsightly metallic wires and brackets, making this a much more realistic option for adults who would feel uncomfortable with such an appearance.