Invisalign and Your Local Dentist in Evanston

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Dentist

Are your teeth misplaced, causing chewing to be difficult? Would you like to improve the aesthetics of your smile by having your teeth properly aligned? Your local Dentist in Evanston is a person skilled in solving such problems. They are responsible for correcting any defects in shape, position and relationship concerning your teeth so that your teeth are both functionally and aesthetically perfect.

Advances in treatments

Advances in orthodontic treatments make it increasingly faster and more convenient to get the ideal smile you always wanted. A Dentist in Evanston not only focuses on providing treatments that can align your teeth, but they strive to maintain a good image for the duration of your treatment. In this sense, traditional dental braces have been overtaken by other treatment options. While it’s true that new techniques have a higher cost, its performance is also more advantageous.

Sapphire and invisible braces

Sapphire and invisible braces Invisalign in Evanston have become two very viable alternatives required by patients who do not want to worsen their image while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Sapphire braces work exactly like traditional metal braces but add an aesthetic component to treatment because the sapphire crystal is transparent, resembling the natural color of teeth. In this way, the patient can smile during their treatment without worrying about the appearance of their teeth. This will not deprive you or diminish your confidence until you achieve the desired results.

Advantages of Invisalign

If what you seek is an orthodontic treatment that is aesthetically perfect, there is another alternative that has secured a firm foothold in dental clinics: Invisalign. Invisible braces is an orthodontic technique used by your Dentist in Evanston that does not require metal brackets or any other traditional element, but rather uses transparent aligners to get the desired dental movement. These custom trays, which are replaced every two weeks, are necessarily applied for proper alignment of the teeth. Besides being removable when eating and performing hygiene, the main advantage is that no one will be able to notice the patient is under orthodontic treatment. These solutions have revolutionized the aesthetics of orthodontics, an aspect much appreciated for all patients seeking to have a perfect smile. For more information, contact Stephens Dentistry.

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