Improve That Smile With Porcelain Crowns in Las Vegas

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Dentist

A smile can open doors and warm the heart. However, not all teeth are functional or pleasant to look at. Teeth that are broken, damaged or decayed can give a less than beautiful presentation. That’s when Porcelain Crowns Las Vegas can help. A crown can cover up imperfect teeth, and provide years of durability and use for the patient. A porcelain crown looks and acts like a real tooth while it preserves and protects the fragile tooth below it.

When the need arises for a porcelain crown, Desert Breeze Dental can provide the necessary restoration services. This dental office strives to provide a high level of customer care while meeting, or exceeding each patient’s expectations. Whenever possible, it’s important to preserve a person’s original teeth, and crowns are one way of doing that. For more information about porcelain crowns and other services offered by this dental office, please visit the website.

Porcelain Crowns In Las Vegas are specially designed to slip over a patient’s real teeth. The use of a crown can prevent further damage from occurring while improving the overall look of a person’s smile. Porcelain crowns closely resemble real teeth, so it’s important that the color of each one blends with the teeth surrounding it. Before a crown can be placed over a tooth, a dentist must do an examination to determine if the existing tooth is a good candidate for the process. Then, a bite impression will be taken to ensure a proper fit. The tooth will then have any necessary repair work done, along with filing and shaping, so that the crown will slide over it.

In order for a porcelain crown to adhere to a tooth, it must be secured in place with a strong adhesive to prevent slippage or movement in the mouth. Careful attention should be taken to make certain that each crown fits correctly and is comfortable in the patient’s mouth. Once in place, a crown may need a few adjustments until it fits perfectly. Just like the rest of a person’s teeth, crowns should be brushed and flossed daily, along with being examined during regular dental visits. If a patient feels pain or discomfort at any point, he should consult with a dentist. This also applies if the crown becomes loose, or develops any rough spots on the surface.

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