Important Features of Clinic Listings by Dental Practice Brokers in Arizona

by | May 31, 2019 | Dental

When looking for dental practice brokers in Arizona to list a clinic for sale, the current owner will likely be intrigued by a brokerage in which some owners are dentists. These prospective clients know that dentists completely understand what sellers and potential buyers need in the transaction, and the importance of patient retention. The seller wants the listing to stand out to dentists in the market for a clinic, and the aspiring owners want to look forward to success.

The Most Important Highlights

The brief listing written by dental practice brokers in Arizona points out the most important highlights of the clinic. Dentists looking to buy a practice will want to know the size of the facility and some of the more cutting-edge equipment that is included. The number of current patients might be mentioned; some dentists talk about revenue in their listing.

A large amount of detail is unnecessary, as dentists looking to buy a practice commonly choose a specific region or city and begin there. The listing just has to include enough specifics to prompt the dentist to make contact with the broker through email or by phone. This individual may want to move to a different part of the state or even somewhere else in the country. Some, however, hope to find a practice nearby where they have been gaining their initial experience working for a seasoned dentist or group practice.

Advertising After the Purchase

Any services the new dentist can add to the practice must be made clear in advertising and marketing materials after the purchase is complete. Also, there may be services the previous practitioner provided that the new one will choose not to or will not be qualified to offer. Changes to payment arrangements that the patients have been accustomed to also must be made clear right from the start.

The new dentist, after making a purchase through a brokerage like Western Practice Sales, may want to emphasize certain aspects of an independent practice. This dentist may find cosmetic work very inspiring, for instance. Other dentists enjoy the general family practice dentistry with patients of all ages.

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