If You’re Afraid Of Going To The Dentist, Find Dentists In Locust Valley, NY Who Can Work With You

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Dentist

Dental fear is very common, found in about 25% of the adult population. Obviously, dentists have a lot of work to do. At least dentists are not the most feared group. A study found that people were more afraid of snakes, heights, and physical injuries than of dentists. In order to address someone’s fears, it’s necessary to know exactly what is bothering them. These fears are solvable when patients and Dentists in Locust Valley NY work as partners to find a way to allow the patient to comfortably receive necessary treatment. Following are a few of the most common dental fears and possible solutions.

Fear of the Unknown

Almost all people do much better when they understand the specifics of a situation. Jumping right into a treatment without taking the time to discuss exactly what’s going to happen and why it’s necessary simply doesn’t work. If someone is especially anxious, it can be advisable to have this discussion in the dentist’s office rather than while the patient is sitting in the dentist chair.

Fear of Dental Equipment

When a patient looks over and sees the tray holding the dental equipment, it’s full of pointy metal objects. If those are the tools that are needed for the treatment, that can’t be changed. However, it sometimes helps if a nervous patient is allowed to examine and perhaps hold anything that seems especially threatening.

Fear of the Cost

Have a frank discussion with your Dentists in Locust Valley NY. There may be financing available for some procedures or less costly alternatives. Most people don’t have dental insurance, but dental insurance can be especially helpful in reducing the cost of preventative care like cleanings. Practicing good oral hygiene is very cost-effective.

Fear of the Dentist

Looking at the masked dentist standing over you holding something sharp can send some people’s stress level through the roof. A dentist who is aware of the problem can use humor and empathy to defuse the situation. Suggest using a “stop” signal if it’s necessary to wait for a minute before continuing.

Dr. Robin Kozlowski is a family dentist practicing world-class dental care, offering a wide range of dental procedures. She understands her patient’s fears and will do all she can to help you receive the treatment you need. Anyone searching for the best Dentists in Locust Valley NY should browse the website to learn more and contact Locust Valley Dental Group.

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