How to Protect Your Child’s Smile With Childrens Dentistry in Broken Arrow OK

Most parents do everything they possibly can to keep their child’s smile healthy. A big part of keeping a healthy and beautiful smile is seeking Childrens Dentistry in Broken Arrow OK. A child needs to begin seeing the dentist as soon as they cut their first tooth or around the age of one. With this information, parents will know what to expect from dental care practices and the steps they can take to further protect the health of their child’s smile.

Tips for Protecting a Child’s Smile

Parents are often surprised to learn they need to start dental care before their child even cuts their first tooth. When a child feeds from bottle or breast, their mouth should be wiped clean with a soft wet washcloth. This removes the milk residue from their mouth and helps to prepare them for brushing later.

Once a child has cut their first tooth, brushing becomes important. Small fingertip brushes are ideal at first, but care should be taken. Parents need to make sure they massage the gumline and help encourage blood flow around the new tooth. This also helps them child find comfort from the pain and irritation of more teeth cutting through.

Children need to see the dentist a couple of times a year. The sooner a child sees the dentist, the better the chances of them being able to avoid cavities and gum disease. With Childrens Dentistry in Broken Arrow OK, a child’s teeth and gums will carefully be monitored, along with their jaw growth. When a child sees the dentist as often as they should, minor dental issues can be discovered and treated before they turn into major problems.

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At Kid’s Dental, your child’s oral health can be protected and they will learn to love taking care of their teeth. If it is time for your child’s appointment, make sure you call the office today and schedule an appointment. They are pediatric dental professionals you can fully rely on to keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful. Allow them to make sure your child’s teeth are growing healthy and strong.