How a Westmont Orthodontist Helps Patients Dealing With Pain From Braces

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Dentistry

These days, your orthodontist in Westmont makes your braces more comfortable than ever. But the first thing you should know is that braces will take some getting used to before you feel comfortable in them. Orthodontists will ease the discomfort for patients by giving them tips for easing some of the pain that often comes with this type of treatment. This article will present some of these tested tips here.

Keeping Up With Dental Hygiene

To ease the discomfort that can come with wearing braces, dental hygiene practices can help with the pain. Doing such things as flossing and brushing twice a day, you can prevent tooth blemishes that come from the orthodontic hardware.

Salt Water Rinses

You can also use salt water rinses to help with any pain you might experience. The warm water can help soothe your teeth and gums. As your teeth get straighter every day, salt water rinses can help get you through the day without too much discomfort.

Foods to Avoid

To make your orthodontic treatment go smoothly, you might have to avoid some foods. Some of these foods include items that are hard and sticky, like certain candies. You will also want to avoid foods that can irritate the orthodontic hardware. The best piece of advice your orthodontist in Westmont will give you is to center your diet around fruit and vegetables. In the first few days after treatment, stick to softer foods and liquid items like smoothies and soups.

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