Getting Help With Periodontal in Pinedale WY

The periodontium is the supporting tissue of the tooth and includes the gingiva, periodontal ligaments, and alveolar bone. Periodontics is the part of dentistry that specializes in the treatment of the periodontium and aims to maintain or restore its health, which is essential for good oral and overall health. Understanding how Periodontal in Pinedale, WY works can go a long way in maintaining your oral health.

What is a periodontal disease?

Periodontal diseases are caused by bacterial infections that proliferate in dental plaque and are manifested as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or periodontitis (inflammation of the supporting tissues of the tooth). Gingivitis occurs when the gums bleed, especially when brushing. There may also be some swelling and redness of the gums too.

Pains caused by gingivitis may not always present. In the absence of routine oral care, gingivitis evolves into periodontitis. Periodontitis causes a loss of attachment of the periodontium around the teeth, which causes gradual movement and, thus, a loss of teeth.

The speed at which periodontitis evolves will vary according to the germs present in the person’s mouth, the individual, and the age of the patient. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, which is why people should consider making an appointment with Rock Springs Periodontics routinely.

How is periodontal disease managed?

The management of periodontal diseases requires rigorous hygiene care associated with scaling and root planing (removal of subgingival deposits). In very advanced cases, surgical methods may be considered: descaling/open planing and guided tissue regeneration. No treatment will be as effective as routine daily hygiene at home, something of which is also essential to a person’s overall health.

To ensure long-term periodontal stability, the patient must maintain this high level of hygiene and consult with a specialist in Periodontal in Pinedale, WY regularly. A direct relationship between periodontal disease and tobacco use has repeatedly been demonstrated and is no longer in doubt. As such, it is advisable for smokers to stop their use of tobacco or, at least, significantly reduce it.

More and more studies now show a link between periodontal diseases and general health (increased risk of arteriosclerosis, increased risk of miscarriage or premature birth, etc.). Good periodontal health is not just about oral health! Visit website for more information.