Getting Advice About Effective Teeth Brushing From a Dental Clinic in Apple Valley MN

Brushing teeth really isn’t a complicated process, but some people worry about exactly how they should be performing this task. They wonder if two times a day is really enough, if harder bristles would be better or if they should brush more vigorously. Practitioners at a Dental Clinic in Apple Valley MN are happy to offer instructions on the most effective strategies for brushing teeth while not causing any damage to the enamel.

Brush Bristles

At a Dental Clinic in Apple Valley MN, patients may receive a complimentary toothbrush after their routine exam and professional teeth cleaning service. The brush typically has soft bristles. This may not seem like it could do as thorough a job as a brush with hard bristles. Dentists generally say that soft and medium bristles are best, and the hard ones are too tough on enamel.

Problems With Vigorous Brushing

Extra friction from hard bristles and from vigorous brushing is not necessary for preventing cavities, and in fact, is hard on enamel. The key is to brush two or three times a day for about two minutes each time. Many people apply too much pressure and quit brushing within 30 seconds. That technique generally cannot remove all the plaque and food particles. Vigorous brushing also can make teeth more sensitive and gums sore.

Timing Two Minutes

It’s easy to figure out how long to keep brushing. The person simply needs to set a kitchen timer for two minutes or set a two-minute timer on the cell phone. Most phones have stopwatch capabilities too. Brushing can be done while checking email or watching TV for two minutes if just standing around is too boring. It’s important to reach all the way in the back of the mouth to the furthest molars and devote some attention there.

The Option of Electric Toothbrushes

Some individuals have trouble brushing for any length of time because they have arthritis in their hands. An electric toothbrush is the answer. Recommendations on electric models can be asked about during a routine cleaning and exam at a clinic such as Dakota Dental & Implant Center.