Get Beautiful, Healthy Teeth at a Dental Office in Kona

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Dentist

Everyone wants to enjoy healthy, beautiful teeth for the rest of their lives, but this isn’t always possible. For instance, caries (cavities) could occur, or physical trauma might damage the teeth. In situations like this the best solution is to visit an emergency Dental Office in Kona. An experienced dentist can quickly diagnose the problem and decide the best course of treatment. Consider the case of caries. If the problem is left for too long, the tooth may be lost. Plus, an infection could set in resulting in further complications. Infections can result in increased pain in the mouth and jaw, a possible infection in the bloodstream or even heart problems. To avoid complications, the first step may be to treat the infection. This usually requires a regimen of antibiotics for a week to ten days.Another excellent reason to seek out a Dental Office in Kona is to improve appearance. This might be something simple like a few crooked teeth or a more noticeable problem like stained teeth. Surprisingly, there is a solution for both of these issues known as veneers. Dental veneers use a tough material, in this case, porcelain is preferred, to cover the front or visible portion of the teeth. An experienced dentist such as Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. can often perform this procedure in one or two visits.Veneers work by covering up the problem. This applies to slightly crooked teeth, misshapen teeth or stained teeth. A similar solution is a cap or crown. These are used when a problem has been repaired such as a root canal or covering a broken tooth. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, and it often depends on their function. Temporary crowns are usually made from stainless steel when certain areas need to be protected. Decorative crowns tend to be made from gold and silver, but porcelain is the material of choice for functionality. This is especially important when that crown is placed on an implant. This is essentially a replacement root for one or more missing teeth. Using a porcelain crown or one made from porcelain bonded to metal provides a strong shell for this purpose. Click Here to learn more.

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