Family Dentistry Springfield, NJ: Straightening Teeth With Invisalign

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Dental

Do you you or your child’s teeth need straightening? If so, you will need orthodontic care from family dentistry Springfield, NJ to correct this problem.

The Invisalign System

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can straighten your teeth in an unobtrusive way. Invisalign is an advanced method relying upon clear aligners that straighten your teeth. Basically, this involves using clear aligners that are easily removable and straighten your teeth over the course of time using no wires or brackets.

The material used to make Invisalign aligners is patented and used exclusively for Invisalign. No harmful chemicals like latex are used, and the aligners are FDA-approved. Your aligners are made specifically for you. We begin by making a complete digital map of your teeth. The aligners are designed to apply just the right amount of pressure where needed to correct your teeth.

The Treatment Process

We will be swapping your aligners out about every two weeks so they place the appropriate pressure on your teeth to shift them into their correct positions. Over the following weeks and months, you will discover that your smile is significantly improved.

Superior To Braces

Invisalign is superior to traditional metal braces because you can remove the aligners periodically to eat and clean your teeth. Invisalign is very comfortable, virtually invisible, and no dietary restrictions are needed.

Family Dentistry Springfield, NJ

If you are ready to straighten your teeth in a low-key way, please contact Glamorous Smile Dental Spa to schedule your Invisalign appointment.

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