Enjoy Excellent Oral Health Using General Dentistry in Attleboro MA

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Dentist

Protecting and caring for one’s teeth may seem like a lot of work, but it is the first step to help those teeth last a lifetime. The next is to make regular visits for General Dentistry in Attleboro MA. These are the easy visits where teeth are cleaned and examined for signs of cavities. A general dentist can also help with many other concerns such as gingivitis and tartar. These problems lead to other issues such as bad breath and tooth decay. It may be possible to get them under control with simple changes to oral hygiene and the help of an experienced dentist.

Sometimes, even the most diligent patients can develop a cavity. When this occurs, an expert in General Dentistry in Attleboro MA will need to remove any decayed dentin and fill the space with an inert material. Getting a cavity isn’t the end of the world, but how the issue is handled is important. Letting a cavity go simply allows the problem to get worse. At some point, the decay will get so bad that it exposes the root pulp. This is that portion of the tooth that holds the nerve and blood supply. At this point, the only viable solutions are to perform a root canal or extract the tooth. The former is the preferred option since the shell of the tooth can hold a crown and still function normally.

One of the most difficult issues that a dental office faces is a patient’s fear of them, their tools or the procedures they perform. Thankfully, there are options. The first is the use of nitrous-oxide. A slow, continuous flow of this gas will help the patient relax. Combine this with music or video and they tend to be distracted enough to allow the procedure to take place. For those folks who simply cannot tolerate any dental procedures, there are choices such as narcotics. One example is the use of an IV (Intravenous) drip which places the patient in a light sleep. Many of those who suffer from this problem prefer this option because they don’t remember the actual dental work. However, this type of anesthetic will require the patient to have someone to drive them home. It also requires a dentist trained for this method of anesthetic delivery. Visit for more information.

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