Distinctions Between A General And A Pediatric Dentist?

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Dentist

Since the first day they could smile, your kid’s smile has always melted your heart. Protecting that smile is just as important as protecting their overall health. That’s why dentistry is so important. However, have you ever wondered why you just couldn’t take your little one to a general dentist? Here are a few key distinctions between a general and pediatric dentist.

Area of focus

While both dentists treat dental problems, a general dentist focuses on treating adult teeth and other dental health conditions that affect adults. On the other hand, pediatric dentists usually only treat baby teeth, kids with mixed dentition, and sometimes adults with special dental needs. That said, they can treat patients up to 18 years of age.

Education and training

Both general and pediatric dentists require 4 years of studying and training to become certified dentists. However, pediatric dentists undergo extra training to learn primary dentition, mixed dentition, child development, pediatric sedation, pharmacology, children’s behavior, psychology, and special needs patient care. They also learn how to talk to kids using simpler terms so they can understand what’s happening and how to take care of their teeth. Pediatric dentists also need to have a calm, friendly demeanor that is reassuring to kids.

Office and equipment

A general dentist’s office and equipment are tailored to cater to adults. As such, the office and equipment may not be kid-friendly. However, a pediatric dentist has tools and equipment that can fit your kid’s mouth and are small enough to easily maneuver around. Additionally, to help kids stay calm during the visit, their offices are often fun and inviting with a playful atmosphere.

Making certain that your child’s smile is just as beautiful as the day they first started smiling requires they maintain proper dental hygiene. That’s why if you live in Sherwood Park, you need to visit a children’s dentist in Sherwood Park and get your kid’s teeth taken care of.

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