Dental Implants Will Restore Your Self-Confidence And Smile

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Dentist

Tooth loss can happen for a variety of reasons and at any point in an individual’s life. The loss of a tooth can cause shifting of the other teeth that can lead to jaw pain, improper chewing of food, self-esteem issues, and other problems.

An individual who has lost a tooth or several teeth doesn’t have to worry about the missing ones when they have dental implants in Cary, IL installed. A dental implant can replace one or several teeth and looks natural. No one will ever know an individual has an implant instead of their natural tooth.

How Can An Implant Look Natural?

An experienced dentist will take dental impressions to design the teeth that need to be replaced. These impressions can help a dentist create a tooth that is the size and shape of the other teeth to fill the gap. The dentist will carefully match the implant to the color of the natural teeth.

Is Anyone Eligible For A Dental Implant?

Many dental patients are eligible for an implant, with a few exceptions. If a patient’s jawbone is too damaged from gum disease, they might not be eligible for a dental implant. A patient’s jawbone and gums must be healthy in order to receive a dental implant.

How Can An Implant Improve Someone’s Self Esteem?

Dental implants in Cary, IL can improve a patient’s self-esteem because they never have to be worried about hiding their mouth when they’re speaking or when they laugh. Missing teeth can also cause an individual to have a sunken appearance on their face. Dental implants can be used to restore an individual’s natural facial features.

Do Dental Implants Need To Be Removed Like Dentures?

Dental implants do not need to be taken out of a patient’s mouth once they’re installed. A dental implant provides a patient with a permanent solution and can care for it the same as they would with a natural tooth.

If you’re missing one or several teeth, or want to hold dentures in place, dental implants help. The business name offers a variety of dental services that can improve your smile, including dental implants.

If you are searching for best dental implant services in Cary IL, then contact Cary Dental Associates LLC.

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