Are Crowns a Viable Dental Treatment in Trumbull CT?

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Dentist

Dental crowns are used in cosmetic dentistry to cover damaged, broken, devitalized (dead) or severely decayed teeth that no longer have a healthy tooth structure. This type of Dental Treatment in Trumbull CT makes it possible to solidify and embellish damaged teeth, especially in cases where several teeth need to be rebuilt. An artificial crown can be seen as a kind of “nail” that is cemented over a natural tooth.


Dental crowns are indicated when it is still possible to save teeth that are considerably rundown, for example, when the dental pulp has not been reached, and a root canal treatment can be performed. In other words, to consider the installation of a crown, it is necessary that the dental root is still “usable.” It is sometimes necessary to build and install a pivot, which will be anchored in the root of the tooth before a crown can be installed.

A pivot is also required in cases where the natural tooth structure is destroyed after a root canal. In these circumstances, a pivot piece is needed to support the crown adequately. Like veneers, artificial crowns can also correct minor dental defects. They are used in several cases:

  • The restoration of decayed or broken teeth, mainly because they can completely cover a damaged tooth, contrary to the veneers that only cover the anterior part of the teeth
  • The replacement of teeth that have changed color over time, “dead” teeth (devitalized after a root canal treatment), teeth with fillings or misshaped teeth
  • An improvement of a smile’s appearance due to the uniformity, shape, and function of the teeth

Artificial dental crowns are part of the family of fixed partial dentures. This type of Dental Treatment in Trumbull CT is perfect for most people looking to improve their smile.

Benefits of crowns

Crowns provide a certain amount of aesthetic visual appeal and functions similarly to natural teeth. They are as strong as natural teeth, which allows people to restore standard chewing functionality. Crowns are glued (cemented) in the mouth permanently, unlike removable prostheses, like complete or partial dentures. Since they are fixed in the mouth, they are more stable than other types of prostheses. Contact Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC to learn more.

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