Cosmetic Dentists In Chicago Are Not Just For Aesthetics

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Dentist

There are a couple of misconceptions about cosmetic dentists in Chicago. The first misconception is that every dentist can provide cosmetic work, unfortunately that is not the case. To become a cosmetic dentist a general dentist has to have additional education and experience in the field.

Other common misconceptions are that a cosmetic dentist is only interested in:

  • How your teeth look
  • That cosmetic dentistry is only able to improve the look of your teeth

What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?

First and foremost a cosmetic dentist is a dentist which means that they will never put your natural teeth at risk. Much like an MD is bound by their oath so is a dentist bound by theirs. They will not risk the health of your natural teeth just to improve your look.

A dentist that specializes in cosmetics still has one goal in mind; to give you the best oral health care they can. This type of dentist is focused on creating a healthy environment in your mouth AND giving you a look that you will love. They are dentists that also happen to have the tools that can improve your smile whether it is a complete restoration or just repairing a chipped tooth but they are always focused on overall oral health.

Healthy Teeth

Most people think that cosmetics is just for aesthetics but the reality is in many cases the restorative work that this dentist does is geared toward making your teeth healthy not just good looking. Cosmetic dentistry is part of the whole package when it comes to good oral health. How you feel about your teeth is very important to your overall wellness. How teeth function is very important to your overall health. A dentist that specializes in cosmetics makes it all come together. Art of Modern Dentistry can help you with your cosmetic needs!

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