Choosing a Provider for Family Dental Care Toronto

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Dentist

Before choosing any medical provider for the family, including a dentist, an individual needs to research the different options. What works for one family may not be appropriate for another for a variety of reasons. One thing to take into consideration at this time is whether a provider offering Family Dental Care Toronto is the right option. Many people will find it is and following are some reasons why.


When all family members visit the same practice, it becomes easier to schedule appointments. There is no need to schedule an appointment one day for the children and another for the parent. Less time is spent in the office while ensuring everyone’s dental needs are met. Furthermore, there is no need to move to a new practice as the child grows. He or she can stay with the same provider throughout life.

All Types of Care

A family dental provider offers all types of care. Individuals may go in to have a routine cleaning or fluoride treatment to prevent issues from occurring. In the event a problem does arise, the dental practice can handle many treatments, including extractions, fillings, and crowns. If a specialist is needed, the dentist will be able to refer someone while keeping in mind the needs of the entire family. This can be of great help when multiple family members need specialized care, as they will have fewer practitioners to visit.


Children who visit the same dentist as their parent tend to feel more comfortable with the practice. They are familiar with the atmosphere and have likely met certain staff members when visiting with a sibling or parent. They will be more at ease when it is their turn to be seen because they know other family members have been treated with no issues.

When you are ready to begin meeting with different providers offering family dental care in Charlotte NC, be sure to put Caldwell, Bulls & Petrilli Dentistry on your list. The team has been treating patients in the area for almost 70 years and is always happy to welcome new patients.

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