Can Dentistry in Providence RI Prevent and Eliminate Small Gum Nodules?

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Dentistry

Granulomas are small nodules that can form in both the gums and the tooth root. Formation of these nodules often occurs when there is a long-lasting, as well as a chronic irritation or inflammation. A possible cause is an inflamed tooth.

Even with a constant pressure on the gums, this could be an issue. In fact, pregnancy can lead to granulomas. This is why people should consider dentistry in Providence RI a must.


Granulomas in the gums can be diagnosed by a dentist if there is swelling present. Upon inspection, the dentist will notice pink to blue-reddish curves. Root tip granulomas, on the other hand, cannot be seen because they are only lens-sized and located in the jaw.
In order to determine this, it is necessary that an X-ray is taken. For teeth that have dead nerves or have not healed from a root canal treatment, there may be a recurrent granuloma. This must be kept in mind as well.

These nodules are not painful. However, it is also possible that bleeding may occur. Dentistry in Providence RI is designed to prevent these types of issues before they have a chance to begin.


The most common symptom is pain. This should be taken seriously since the granulomas increase in size if they are not removed and treated. The surrounding tissue is damaged.

The jawbone and the tooth itself can also be damaged, which makes the pain even more intense. In some types of granulomas, the formation of nodules on the gums can be seen.


Depending on the progression and size of the granulomas, the treatment can succeed or fail. In smaller and healthy environments, the nodules can be surgically removed. In addition, attention is paid to the removal of periodontal disease, as this may be a reason for the inflammation.

If the dentist finds that the patient’s jawbone is affected, the damaged part must be removed. In order to get a grip on granulomas, care must be taken that the entire tissue of these nodules is removed. If the granuloma is located at the root of the tooth, it is necessary to remove part of the root.

In many cases, it is necessary that the root must be treated. The formation of granulomas can only be prevented if the focus of inflammation is found and treated. Contact Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates for more details.

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