Are You Interested In Quality Dentistry In Providence RI?

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Dental

If an individual, who is interested in receiving dental care that is provided with the highest standards in the industry provides education and prevention for optimal dental health and uncompromising safety for their patients against infection or cross contamination, they should visit a dental office that provides quality dentistry in Providence RI. An experienced dentist can provide the enhancement of the natural beauty of an individual’s smile and educate children and adults about preventative measures and treatments for dental conditions that develop. In addition to offering quality dental care, the clinicians in the office will provide personalized service to make the visits as comfortable as possible.

Education And Prevention

Preventative care and education are the keys to improving a patient’s dental health. Treating a disease is more difficult to a patient instead of prohibiting it from happening to start. The dentist will also review a patient’s overall health, new medications, and any illnesses that could affect their teeth or gums.

What Can Be Done To Improve Unattractive, Discolored, Or Old Fillings?

Composite fillings can be closely matched to the existing teeth and ideal to use on the front teeth or where they’re visible to others. A tooth that has a large amount of filling material may benefit from the installation of a crown. A crown protects and strengthens the tooth structure and be made to restore it to the original size and shape.


Brushing and flossing can remove bacteria and food particles from the teeth, but the deep grooves on the chewing surface can be difficult to clean. A sealant made of a thin plastic coating can be applied to cover and protect the chewing surface to form a protective and smooth barrier against decay. Sealants can be used for children, teenagers, infants, and adults.

Dentistry in Providence RI can give you a variety of services to meet your needs. It’s important to speak to the dentist openly about your concerns about your smile or the condition of your teeth or gums. Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates provides outstanding dental care that also includes a compassionate staff and state-of-the-art dental procedures to meet your needs.

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