Answers To Questions That Individuals Often Ask About Dental Implants In Effingham IL

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Dentist

Some individuals who have missing teeth are curious about dental implants and have many questions they want to ask. Often, these questions pertain to the care of implants and the pain that’s involved during the implant process. Read the information below to learn the answers to questions individuals often ask about Dental Implants Bucks County.

What are the steps involved in taking care of dental implants?

Some individuals have only one or two dental implants while others get them to replace all of their teeth. It doesn’t matter how many dental implants a person has, they should all be taken care of in the same way.
Although individuals can’t get cavities in their dental implants, they still need to take proper care of their gums. If individuals don’t have healthy gums, it can cause problems with the dental implants.

Periodontal disease causes the gums to become infected and, eventually, can impact the bone beneath the gums. This disease can cause the implants to weaken because the bone supports the implants.

Individuals should thoroughly brush their implants twice daily and floss between once a day. This daily regimen helps to keep the gums healthy and prevents the onset of periodontal disease. Individuals should also visit their family dentist for a teeth cleaning and an examination at least once a year.

Are individuals in severe pain after they get dental implants?

Since a dental implant procedure involves surgery, individuals will experience some amount of soreness right after the procedure is completed. Individuals can take pain medication to help them manage the pain until it subsides.

After the implants have completely healed, individuals should not have any more pain. Individuals should schedule an appointment with their implant surgeon if they have pain while chewing or if their gums around the implant are sore. A professional Dental Implants Bucks County area specialist can examine to find out what’s causing the individual to experience pain.

Individuals who still have questions about dental implants can schedule a consultation at Absolute Smile to speak with an oral surgeon. Those who choose to get dental implants will enjoy the lifelong benefits of permanent teeth.

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