Advantages And Disadvantages Getting Of Dental Implants In Charleston SC

by | Aug 20, 2021 | dentalhealthanswer

Every day, thousands of people consider getting Dental Implants in Charleston SC. Some of these individuals decide to get dental implants because implants provide them with a natural looking tooth replacement option. Others decide to get dental implants because they are one of the longest lasting replacement options. However, dental implants aren’t the best choice for everyone. Therefore, you should take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants before you decide to get them.

One advantage of getting dental implants is that they can prevent your jaw bone from deteriorating even more. Also, if you are only missing a couple of teeth, getting implants can reduce your chances of losing more of your natural teeth. Unfortunately, when you lose some of your teeth, you’re remaining teeth experience increased pressure and decay faster. Another advantage of getting dental implants is that they can greatly improve your speech. Dental implant surgery is also highly successful. In fact, dental implants have been successful for about ninety eight percent of patients.

Even though there are obvious advantages of dental implants in Charleston SC, there are some disadvantages that you should consider, too. One disadvantage of dental implants is the expense. In fact, a single dental implant can cost anywhere from five hundred to seven thousand dollars. Keep in mind that this does vary depending on the tooth that you’re having replaced. Plus, at this time dental insurance companies will not cover the cost of dental implants. Another disadvantage of getting dental implants is that you can still get gum disease if you don’t have routine cleanings and exams.

Anyone can see that there are both advantages and disadvantages of getting dental implants. If you’ve thought about your tooth replacement options and have decided that dental implants are good for you, be sure to contact your dentist. However, if you don’t have a dental provider, Tatum Dentistry is currently accepting new patients. Plus, they have a variety of dental services including dental implants and will happily schedule an appointment for you. During your initial visit they will speak with you about implants and determine if they are right for you.

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