A Sleep Apnea Appliance Helps Patients Get Healthy Sleep in Boyertown, PA

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Dentist

Many people are suffering from a malady called sleep apnea that causes people to be irritable in the mornings, have no energy, feel sleepy all day, and suffer from headaches. It’s often overlooked at the doctor’s office during regular checkups until a patient mentions they’re tired all the time, and they don’t know why. Patients think they’re sleeping the night away when, very often, they actually stop breathing, which causes a loss of oxygen to the body. It’s no wonder they’re miserable during the day. Their doctor schedules them for a night in the hospital where their sleep and breathing is monitored to find out if they have sleep apnea and what kind it is.

Once sleep apnea is diagnosed, a treatment is advised. A device that administers continued positive airway pressure, also called (CPAP), is worn by the patient to ensure their airway is open to receive the oxygen they need, which enables them to sleep throughout the night.

The problem is that many people just can’t stand to wear something over their face and attached to a machine when they’re trying to sleep. Many can’t take the noise it makes and, in the end, they don’t, or won’t wear it. This causes stress and the same tired feeling each day, plus they’re not getting the proper oxygen to the body.

Log on to johnfhyattdds.com and meet a local dentist that helps people get a good night of healthy sleep in Boyertown PA. Instead of wearing the CPAP device, he fits them with a mouthpiece appliance they put in their mouths that moves the jaw forward. Because it’s forward, the airway passages are opened without wearing the CPAP device.

There is no snoring, the tongue doesn’t get in the way of breathing, and the patient awakens feeling much more refreshed, and they didn’t have to listen to the noise of a machine.

Give the phone number on the website a call to set up an appointment for a new way of obtaining Healthy Sleep in Boyertown PA. Many people feel that snoring kept their loved one awake and now a machine keeps them awake, so they’re very excited about quietly wearing a sleep apnea appliance in their mouth that helps them finally get a good night’s sleep.

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