A Full Review of Dental Implants in Laurel, MS

by | May 26, 2020 | Dentist

Dental patients could manage the effects of tooth loss with the right devices. Local dentists perform a variety of services that help with these purposes. They offer permanent installations as well as removable replacements for missing teeth. Dental implants in Laurel, MS are the most popular permanent option chosen by local patients.

What Are the Lasting Results of These Implants?

According to statistics, ninety-eight percent of all implant installations are successful. This provides patients with lasting results. The implants are more durable than alternative devices. They are constructed of strong resin with titanium roots. With a proper installation, the implants could last throughout the patient’s life.

What Does the Surgery Involve?

The first step involved in the surgery is the installation of the titanium root. The dentist places it in the exact same spot in which the natural tooth was originally located. If the patient underwent an extraction shortly before the surgery, the dentist could place it into the socket easily. Once the socket heals, the dentist begins the installation of the implant tooth. The initial healing process requires roughly three months for the first installation.

The root installation has an abutment at the end. The implant tooth is connected to the abutment. The tooth is similar to a crown and fits over the root completely.

What Are the Risks of the Surgery?

Since the dental implant procedure is surgical, there is a chance of infection. However, it is minimal. The procedure is available for most dental patients. As long as they are healthy, the patients may undergo the procedure. High-risk patients, including diabetics, cardiovascular patients, or anyone with autoimmune difficulties, should consult their dentist about the surgery. They are at a higher than average risk of infection than other patients.

Dental patients have more options when choosing the right tooth replacement method. Among these choices are dental implants. This option is the most permanent and long-lasting method for replacing missing teeth. They are installed directly into the jawbone in the position of the missing tooth. Patients who wish to acquire dental implants in Laurel, MS should contact Midtown Dental Clinic.

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