A Clinic for Family Dentistry in Elizabeth, NJ Provides a Variety of Cosmetic Services

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Dentistry

Improving the appearance of a smile with assistance from a clinic for Family Dentistry in Elizabeth NJ can be life-changing. The person feels more confident and attractive. There’s no longer a compulsion to hide discolored or misshapen teeth by smiling with the lips closed or a hand over the mouth. Missing teeth near the front of the mouth can be replaced, rejuvenating the person’s appearance. Being embarrassed to smile is distressing and not conducive to good quality of life.


At a clinic for Family Dentistry in Elizabeth NJ, a dentist can address a problem with one tooth or improve the entire smile. Whitening can significantly brighten the teeth. This process tends to be especially helpful for people middle-aged and older. Their teeth usually have yellowed to a certain extent with age and the consumption of enamel-staining beverages and foods. White teeth are associated with youth, so whitening can take years off the person’s appearance.

Veneers and Crowns

A patient may have a noticeably chipped tooth in front or a tooth that became discolored because of nerve damage. These flaws can be covered with veneers or capped with a crown. Both are permanently adhered to teeth and should never need replacing unless the person accidentally bites down on something too hard and the device cracks.

Bridges and Implants

Missing teeth may be replaced with a bridge or implants. Implants are strongly recommended, but dentists generally will not place them until a patient is in the late teens and the mouth is fully developed. Most adult patients are good candidates for implants. Until then, a younger patient can have a bridge for smile enhancement.


All of the devices are crafted in a customized manner so they have the patient’s natural tooth color and look entirely natural. Veneers require shaving a thin layer of enamel from the front of the teeth so the coverings do not extend further than they should. Crowns require removal of more of the external tooth structure. Dentists at a clinic such as ChildSmilesFamilySmiles can explain to patients which cosmetic treatment is more suitable for a given situation. Click here for information.

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