A Brief Guide For Teeth Whitening In Kalamazoo, MI

by | May 19, 2016 | Teeth Whitening

In Michigan, dental patients acquire cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance of the patients’ teeth. These procedures are performed routinely at local dental offices. Among these procedures is Teeth Whitening Kalamazoo MI.

Who is a Viable Candidate for This Procedure?

Patients who are viable candidates for teeth whitening have healthy teeth and gums. They cannot have existing damage or cavities. The peroxide solution that is used in this procedure could lead to severe pain or further damage if a patient acquires the treatment without seeking restorative services first. A dentist can evaluate the patient’s teeth to determine if they have any underlying damage that could produce difficulties during the procedure.

How is the Procedure Performed?

The dentist begins by creating a barrier around the gum line. This is necessary to prevent irritation and bleeding of the gums. The barrier remains in place throughout the entire procedure.

Next, the dentist applies the professional-grade peroxide solution onto each tooth individually. The dentist places an ultraviolet lamp in front of the patient’s mouth to enhance the results of the treatment. The lamp intensifies the peroxide solution and allows it to break down particles that are affixed to tooth enamel.

Acquiring At-Home Trays

Select dentists provide patients at-home whitening trays to maintain the whiteness achieved during the procedure. These trays are pre-filled with a whitening solution similar to the products used by the dentist. However, they aren’t the same strength as the in-office opportunities. The dentist defines how often the patient should use these trays or acquire in-office treatments.

Why Is It Beneficial?

The procedure is beneficial in breaking down stubborn stains. This includes stains produced by tobacco, wine, and coffee. The procedures can also remove yellowing and discoloration caused by the aging process. They leave the patient’s teeth brilliant white without stains. Click here for a brief guide for teeth whitening in Kalamazoo, MI.

In Michigan, dental patients have access to cosmetic treatments that could present them with beautiful teeth. These procedures include whitening treatments that eliminate common stains that can hinder the appearance. This includes stains produced by certain foods, beverages, and smoking. Patients who wish to undergo Teeth Whitening Kalamazoo MI should visit Website for more information about scheduling an appointment today.

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