7 Ways to Find a New Dentist in Philadelphia

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Dentist

Looking for a new dentist in Philadelphia? Here are easy ways to find a new one after your old dentist has moved away or retired:

Consider your dental insurance
It would save you a lot if you find a dentist that takes your insurance, says Fox News. However, if that isn’t the case, though, then simply looking for someone qualified is the next best step.

Review credentials
Don’t go to just about any dentist you find. Do a bit of background check to confirm the credentials and qualifications of your dentist.

Book an appointment
You’ll have an easier time finding out if that dentist in Philadelphia is right for you or not when you talk face-to-face. That’s where a consultation comes in. This is also a good opportunity to…

Ask questions
You’ll want to make a list of the questions you want to ask. Preparing a list in advance also means you get to think long and hard about those questions so you can cover more ground. This will help steer your hiring decisions in the right direction.

Ask about training
Dentists who are at the top of their game know that they need to attend training classes, workshops or seminars every year to update their knowledge and learn the latest in dental tools, equipment and practices. If the dentist isn’t doing any of that, though, then look elsewhere.

Consider treatment
How does the staff treat you? You might have found a good dentist but if the staff isn’t treating you right, then it might be better to look for another dentist, one with a professional, helpful and friendly staff.

Check the distance
If you’re going to keep coming back for future appointments, it’s best to look for a dental office that’s near enough to provide easy, stress-free and convenient access to you.

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